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    Why Does CML Happen?

    Chronic myelogenous leukemia (or CML) is a cancer of the blood- specifically, white blood cells. CML causes the rapid proliferation and growth of mostly myeloid cells within the bone marrow. These cells build up within the blood and cause numerous problems. CML Information CML is a stem cell disorder...
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    Information About Leukemia

    Leukemia is a cancer that affects the bone marrow and the lymphatic system, which are the body’s blood-forming tissues. Leukemia usually involves the white blood cells, which are what your body uses to help protect itself from infection. White blood cells will normally grow and divide as your body...
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    Symptoms of Leukemia

    Leukemia is a cancer that causes your white blood cells to grow abnormally. There are different types of leukemia that will produce different symptoms. In fact, some types of leukemia may not cause any symptoms at all, while others may produce very severe ones. Many of the typical symptoms...
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    Leukemia: The Different Types

    Leukemia occurs due to development of mutations of DNA in the white blood cells. It’s not yet still clear what causes the mutations to grow. These mutations causes the cells to develop and divide too fast than normal to maintain their life. The most common change in DNA in...
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    Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Treatment

    Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), also known as chronic granulocytic leukemia, is a condition where the bone marrow makes too many white blood cells. This article focuses on the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia using standard care procedure. Making a chronic myeloid leukemia treatment plan, patients are encouraged to consider...
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    7 Facts About Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

    Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is a cancer of the defensive white blood cells in the body. It is also known as chronic granulocytic leukemia and is caused by the increased and unchecked growth of primarily myeloid cells in the bone marrow and the accumulation of these cells in the...