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Constipation Treatments

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Going to the bathroom for a #2 can be pretty liberating. Unfortunately that is not the case for a person suffering from constipation. Constipation causes one to be in pain and/or strain during defecation. They may experience hard stools and irregular bowel movements.

In children, it mostly occurs after the infants start eating processed food, is toilet training, and also when starting school. In adults it depends on the bacteria you have in your gut and also is common in women who have just given birth.

Symptoms of constipation are bloating, abdominal pain, fatigue, hard and firm pellet like stool, and headaches.

3 things you can do to reduce constipation

1. Diet

Increase your fiber intake! Fiber cannot be digested by the human digestive system and retains water in the intestines while adding bulk to your stool. It is advisable to at least get 18-30 grams of fiber daily. There are many easily accessible and readily available foods that are high in fibers (like cereals, fruits and vegetables). The best fruits to eat during constipation are apples, apricots, peaches, plums, grapes, prunes, strawberries and raspberries.

“Bulk” foods like the wheat or oat bran are good for adding volume to stool which will give an easier passage. Take a lot of fluids in intervals during the day, especially before and after eating to help in digestion and also make stool easier to pass. But remember it’s important to remain hydrated during the day, regardless of whether or not you suffer from constipation!

2. Lifestyle change

Modify your lifestyle to ensure sure you eat healthy food and get enough exercise. Exercise reduces constipation as during exercise your body becomes dehydrated and you are forced to re-hydrate. When emptying the bowels, the abdominal muscles relax and you will have an easy and comfortable stool passage. You don’t have to engage in vigorous exercise or hardcore workouts to reap the benefits – walking, running, or cycling for even 20 minutes can help!

3. Empty your bowels

If you have to use the bathroom, do it! Respond to nature’s call and do not hold back. You can make your toilet comfortable so that you can spend time in there to ensure you have emptied your bowels entirely before leaving the toilet. Newspapers and magazines for entertainment help as well as having a regular eating and bathroom schedule.

You can have a small foot stool or something to prop your feet/legs up on so that they are elevated about your hips, to create easy passage with the assistance of gravity!

Sourced from: Men’s Health

Featured Image: Pixabay


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