Herpes Medication

valtrex herpes medication

Approved by the FDA in the mid-90s, —available under the brand name —is an antiviral medication prescribed for the treatment of certain viral infections.

Who Should Use Herpes Medication?

For adults, may be used to treat herpes zoster (shingles), oral cold sores, and the symptoms of genital herpes (herpes simplex). In infants and children, is taken to eliminate cold sores and subdue herpes zoster, which results in chickenpox in addition to shingles.

How Does Herpes Medication Work?

As herpes of any kind is still incurable, only works to alleviate symptoms by impeding the progression and growth of the viral infection. In turn, the immune system gets enough support to combat the virus, lessening the frequency of outbreaks.

eases the pain and itchiness associated with herpes, speeds up the healing of sores, and keeps new outbreaks at bay.

Doctors sometimes prescribe to those with cytomegalovirus. Cytomegalovirus is a virus that affects pregnant women and those with impaired immune systems. is most effective if you begin treatment as soon as you notice the symptoms of an outbreak for the first time.

Side Effects of

The most common side effects that come with the herpes medication include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and lightheadedness. If you experience any of these symptoms on a severe level, make sure to get in contact with your primary physician.

Consult with your doctor immediately if you exhibit any of the following side effects: changes in cognitive function or a decline in mental clarity, speech issues, incoordination, and changes in urine pattern.  

may also cause disorientation, kidney issues, and irritability. These side effects are typically more intense among the elderly.

is not a preventative measure against passing the virus on during sexual intercourse, so be sure to have safe sex even if on . You should especially avoid partaking in sexual activity at the time of an outbreak.

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Posted on May 22, 2023