Top 5 Alternative Merchant Service Reviews for Small Businesses

If you are venturing out on your own and starting a new small business, you must be looking for a loan. There are alternatives to banks that people use to borrow money at much lower interest rates than the bank, commonly known as merchant cash advance (MCA).

This was fairly commonplace and straightforward up until 2008, but with the increasing regulations and awareness, the system has gone through several changes. However, the MCA still exists with a number of options. Several online lenders do the job and supply capital for prospective small business owners. Find out more about how merchant cash advance works by going through the below content.

Why you should avoid MCA

· No benefits for advancing cash. You may expect savings from an early repaying the of the sum but there are no such facilities. You still have to take all the liabilities that were agreed.
· You may have to count a high amount of annual percentage rate. Sometimes the rate increases up to 350% or higher than that including extra fees and the advance. Then it appears more expensive than the bank loan.
· If you are going pay through the merchant service credit cards, you have to count a greater APR. It depends on how fast you pay the APR. When it depends on the merchant service credit cards, and you are paying the APR faster, your APR is going o be high.
· Less secure due to no federal oversight. All the processes are indicated as commercial transactions.
· MCA providers always check the credit score during the lending process. It may be harmful to the credit score if they check it hardly.
· The contacts are a little bit confusing. The terms of the merchant service credit cards and APR increasing decreasing may seem a little hard to understand for the new businessmen.

What services an alternative to MCA provides

If you choose to go with an alternative to MCA then you will get the following advances from them. You may not get all of them together but any of the facilities listed below here is sure to come with the loan.

· You will experience a fast lending fund for your business.
· No problem if you are a young business owner, they will still lend you capital.
· Sometimes they take a very small credit, which is helpful for the young business owners.
Several better alternatives to merchant cash advance

Some of the preferred alternatives to merchant cash advance are described below:



You can have a loan of $5000 to $500000 with an APR of 16% to 98%.

If you are their repeat customer, you will get the loan at a cheaper rate. It’s quite flexible. You can repay the loan within 36 months at a daily and weekly basis.





merchant cash advance, merchant service credit cards

Source: kabbage


You can have a loan of $2000 to $100000 with an APR of 32% to 108%.You can have your loan within a few minutes but sometimes it takes several days. You can repay the loan on a long-term basis such as six months or twelve months basis.

You can borrow the loan easily and repay at least amount need to pay per installment basis.


You can have a loan of $500000. You need to count the APR of 11% to 22% with a prime rate of 3.5%. The repaying system is weekly basis for 6 months. This company seems to be more reasonable than MCA.

merchant cash advance, merchant service credit cards

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You can have a loan of $500 to $100000 with an APR of 13% to 68%.You can have your loan within a day or it may take up to three days.

You can pay the loan weekly basis for 12 months. The business owners who have a real bad credit should go with Fundbox due to its speed and reasonable charges.


It will provide you a capital of $20000 to $500000 with an APR of 17% to 60% which is quite low. You will get the money in your hand within three days, in a best case within one day.

Besides all these companies there are some more who will provide you loan for your business.

Here are some other alternatives listed below:

· StreetShare
· American Express Merchant
· Financing
· Square Capital
· PayPal Working Capital

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Posted on May 22, 2023