Best Foods For Hair Growth

What Ginger Can Do For Your Hair

Ginger is known for delectable spice to add flavour for dishes. It is a natural herb which helps in treatment for different medical problems right from nausea and indigestion to respiratory issues and heart problems. The benefits of ginger are so large that the list will go on and on. One thing that may surprise you about this spice is that it is not only good for your health, but it is very beneficial for your hair too. Fresh and juicy ginger is excellent for the strength and beauty of hair. It promotes hair growth and makes it glow with nourishment and health. It is loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals that help in promoting hair growth naturally.

Using Garlic As a Hair Loss Remedy

Garlic is rich in minerals like sulfur, zinc, and calcium, all of which are essential ingredients for stimulating hair growth. Garlic has antimicrobial properties, which will help kill germs and bacteria causing damage to your hair and scalp. It also contains selenium, a mineral that stimulates blood circulation and improves circulation to the hair and head. Garlic helps purify the hair follicles, strengthen your follicles, and prevent clogging, all of which prevent hair loss. Raw garlic juice also contains vitamin C, another vitamin crucial for the health of your hair. Vitamin C boosts collagen production, stimulating hair growth in the process.

Making Onion Juice For Your Hair Growth

Nutrients in the onion juice applied to the hair may nourish the hair follicles, which might increase volume, shine, and improve hair strength. The extra nutrition may also minimize breakages and thinning. As well as conditioning, using onion juice may also promote new hair growth in some people. Some people might have success using onion juice for hair regrowth or conditioning while others will not. Also, the use of onion juice is not going to grow hair quickly. It takes a commitment to applying the onion juice twice daily over the course of several weeks to see if positive results can be achieved. The use of onion juice, as a hair treatment, is probably not a miracle cure for hair loss. However, it does appear to be safe for most people if they are not allergic to onions.

Turmeric’s Benefits For Hair

Research suggests that turmeric may help combat hair loss in a few different ways. It can even help reduce the stress associated with thinning hair loss. Curcumin forms part of the Indian spice turmeric. Turmeric contains three “curcuminoids”, all of which are biologically active in the human body. Over the centuries, the healing properties of turmeric, and specifically the curcumin component, have been used for many things to help heal human disorders. Since turmeric is naturally antibacterial, it can improve your scalp health.

Chinese Date For Hair Care

A study in Food and Chemical Toxicology found that an essential oil made from Chinese Date promotes hair growth. Better yet, hair comes back thicker than before. If you’re dealing with bald spots, why not use some Chinese Date? You can blend it with other hair growth oils like vitamin E, rosemary, and peppermint oils. Check out health food stores or Chinese groceries for fresh and dried date. You might also be able to find dried date online. Many retailers also sell its essential oils, extracts, and tea. Regardless of its form, Chinese date will successfully transform your health!

Dorothy Alexander

Posted on May 22, 2023