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    Find the Most Suitable Epilepsy Treatment

    Epilepsy refers to a condition that affects the brain. When a person has epilepsy, it simply means they have a tendency of having epileptic seizures. Any person can have a one-off seizure. However, this does not always mean they have epilepsy. If someone has experienced more than one seizure,...
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    How Do You Treat Epilepsy?

    Epilepsy is a serious neurological condition in which there are tendencies to have seizures that start in the brain. The cause of epilepsy is  wide and varied. Some are epileptic due to genetics, others may have autism, infections, or even brain structural changes. Many drugs are available in chemists and...
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    Epilepsy Medications to Treat Seizures

    Numerous epilepsy medications can treat an epileptic seizure. In essence, treatment of epilepsy focuses on the brain. If a person suffers from this particular brain disorder, they have to be provided with the right drugs for preventing and treating seizures. In short, epilepsy drugs help to control the electrical...
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    Epileptic Seizures: Simple Partial Seizures

    There are various types of epileptic seizures, and understanding the nuances of this condition requires that one knows the many kinds involved. After all, not all types of epilepsy are the same. Some types of epilepsy are far more severe than others, requiring innovative treatment methods to help remedy...
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    Epileptic Seizures: Complex Partial Seizures

    The human brain operates by transmitting electrical signals via neurons (nerve cells). When there is a surge in these electrical signals, an individual will suffer an epileptic seizure. Seizures can impact the entire brain, but a partial seizure affects just a small portion of the brain. Epileptic seizures can...
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    Epileptic Seizures: Myoclonic Seizures

    Have you ever wondered what happens when the nerves in a person’s brain start acting strangely? They may start to move uncontrollably or even hear, see, feel, taste, or smell non-existent things. When this happens, it is not the time to run away from them or see them as...