10 Effects of Getting You Should Know About

Everyone you know is talking about but you know nothing about it. is medicine that is made from botulin, a natural protein but one of the most toxic on earth. Despite this, it is a trademark sold by Allergan. Before you decide to have , here is what you should know:

  1. Removes wrinkles

Nobody wants to feel old and wrinkles around your eyes just have a way of making you feel it. makes the muscles on your face relax. This is one of its most beautiful effects I must say, but for this to be attained, the injections have to be given by a professional and a very small amount. Using for this purpose has very little side effects.

  1. Treats blurred vision, eyelid spasms and crossed eyes

Yes, can be used for medicinal purposes and no, that is probably not what your friends are using it for. was initially used for the treatment of this problems. Relaxing the facial muscles also relaxed nerves and helped this conditions mend themselves.

  1. Bruising, pain, bleeding swelling or redness

This is very common though not severe. It happens where the injection is given. This effect can however be reduced by avoiding certain foods some weeks before the injection.These food types include, fish oils and any other form of protein and protein products. Being injected with the best injector can also help reduce the side effects.

  1. May cause headaches and migraines

This is a common side effect and may last a while. It may lead to memory problems, anxiety issues, nausea etc. has however been used to treat migraines, thou one has to undergo a series of injections in the head and face.

  1. Causes nausea and fatigue

This mostly happens to those who use for other purposes other than for beautifying and also those who don’t require it. This may in turn lead to panic attacks and anxiety.

  1. Leads to weaker muscles

relaxes facial muscles and this is an effect that is felt way later. For this reason, only use when necessary. Don’t use it when young so that you won’t have use it later to hide wrinkles as it also causes aging signs.

  1. It may cause you eyelid or eyebrows to be droopy

This effect does not last long and is as a result of relaxation of the facial muscles or an overdose. Don’t treat this condition with other drugs or even itself as it, may make this last longer and even be worse.

  1. Used for bladder control

This is a less known use of . It increase the size of your bladder and makes it hold more urine this effect is short-term.

  1. Paralysis of the face

This occurs when you use below your eyes. This condition is rarely permanent. It is however possible.

  1. Asymmetry around the mouth

Mostly due to injections around the mouth. This effects lasts according to the amount of taken but usually lasts a few weeks.

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Posted on May 22, 2023