How to Get a Mobile App Development Career

More people are realizing the ease of making a career out of mobile app development. All it takes is an idea and some patience to bring your idea to fruition. Companies are in need of development talent, which means there is a great deal of opportunity for IT professionals with programming skills. The field is lucrative and many people are capitalizing off of the opportunity. In fact, Apple was projected to earn as much as $4 billion in app development in the past few years. The industry is ripe with opportunity. Here’s what you need to know about the industry if you’re considering it.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is simply the art of creating mobile applications using a variety of acquired IT skills. These apps can then be sold from app stores such as Apple or iTunes for a profit. The apps can be developed for both Android and iOS platforms.

What Kind of Education and Training is Involved?

All mobile developers should learn how to develop an application on different platforms such as CSS, Python, Java, and Flash. You should select a platform and master it for the best results. Learn from the experience of others and build an application with specifications outlined in advance. You should be a detail-oriented person and keep track of your development as it unfolds.

How Much Money Do Mobile App Developers Make

To make money, it may seem that you must be a salaried worker at a major IT company such as Apple, but it actually depends mainly on the app. An app like Angry Birds managed to score 4.5 million downloads at $0.99 per download. They made $3.5 million, which means that developers could make a significant amount. Most app developers will pay about $35,000 for the development of an app and will make only about $700 in the first year. This is not a huge profit. The app has to be wildly successful to be profitable.

How to Make a Career Out of Mobile App Development

Making a career of mobile app development is not difficult; it simply requires that you have the skill and creativity to make it happen. You also need an audience for the mobile app. Otherwise, you will not make a profit for quite a while. Be smart about your choices, and you could be the next millionaire app developer.

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Posted on May 22, 2023