Atopic Dermatitis Hands Treatment

atopic dermatitis hand treatment

Hand eczema and dermatitis are extremely common conditions. When an individual has dermatitis on their hands, it makes parts their skin itchy, dry, scaly and cracked. This condition can be extremely disabling and painful. Indeed, it plagues individuals in all professions but is most common in professions that wash their hands frequently like the medical field.

Dealing with the condition can be troublesome. However, precautions can be taken to limit the number of outbreaks one goes through.

Hand washing is the number one cause of eczema, alongside latex or non-sterile gloves.

If you have a flare-up, a moisturizer alone will not treat it. You must shut down the underlying inflammation. High potency steroids are necessary along with a very thick ointment. Do not use moisturizers that are creams or lotions as more often than not, they have preservatives and perfumes. Limit your steroid use; if you notice the condition is improving stop the steroids.

Before going to sleep, try soaking your hands in lukewarm water in order to soften the skin a bit. You must pat-dry your hands with a towel. After that step, apply a very thick layer of balm to coat the entire hand along with the steroid if necessary. Finally, wear gloves to bed to trap in the moisture.

If this doesn’t treat your condition, you might also consider getting a patch test to test for allergies. There are many things that could trigger eczema, and allergies are one of them.

If you have dermatitis for long durations, it might be smart to check for signs of infection. Infections happen if you don’t keep your wounds clean. If your hands are swollen, red, or hot to the touch, you might have an infection. Consider seeing a physician if you present with these symptoms. They may need to prescribe you antibiotics to kick the infection.

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Posted on May 22, 2023