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  • What-do-Credit-Repair-Companies-do-Featured

    What do Credit Repair Companies do?

    Studies have recently shown that 56% of consumers have bad credit. If you’re part of the 56%, there’s help available. It can be hard to improve your credit on your own, but thankfully, some companies can help repair your credit. Before you decide to hire a credit repair company...
  • 3-Ways-to-Improve-Credit-Score-Mortgage-Featured

    3 Ways to Improve your Credit Score Before Applying for your Mortgage

    If you are interested in purchasing a home, ideally you should begin your quest to improve your credit rating at least 6 months before applying for a home loan. It takes time to make any headway on a poor or average credit score. Even 6 months might not even...
  • what-is-a-good-credit-score-featured

    What is a Good Credit Score?

    Everyone wants a good credit score. After all, when it comes to borrowing money, a great credit score is the key factor in determining the terms of the loan and how low of a rate you’ll actually get. However, trying to figure out what exactly constitutes a “good” credit...
  • can-a-student-loan-affect-your-credit-score

    How To Not Let A Student Loan Affect Your Credit Score

    Today, tuition costs have increased and often put higher education out of the reach of a lot of people. But if you know how to handle your student loan the best possible way, it can benefit you. But can a student loan affect your credit score? Student loans are...