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Have You Seen Your House From Earth Satellite View?

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    Grown-Up Gamer: 9 Places to Get Your Gaming Fix

    Even adults enjoy playing video games, and several websites offer cheap or free games online. The games offered include major titles, such as Left 4 Dead, The Walking Dead, Call of Duty Black Ops, and others. Here are nine websites you can visit to find these video games and...
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    10 Smartphone Games More Addictive Than Coffee

    Currently, we are a point where smartphones are exceedingly capable and powerful enough to handle state of the art games and applications that have been built with exceedingly high-quality graphics and intense gameplay. Android based phones continue to control the wider mobile gaming platform with smartphone games becoming one...
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    15 of the Best Free Mobile Games

    A mobile game basically refers to a video game that’s played on a smartphone, smartwatch, PDA, feature phone, tablet computer, calculator or portable media player. As Android tablets and phones increase in popularity, the number of applications available for the platform has also rocketed. As a result, you can...
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    The Best Money-Saving Travel Apps

    Financial stability is a result of not just having a decent income but also knowing how to spend it. While on vacation, we often spend our hard-earned cash more frivolously and with more ease. That’s why today I want to share with you the best money-saving travel apps to...
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    5 Best Apps to Help Form Good Habits

    Most of us have downloaded habit-forming apps with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, good intentions don’t equal self-improvement, and now those apps are just taking up space on our phones. If you only get things done when you’re forced, here are 10 apps that have found creative ways to...
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    The Best Free Fitness Apps To Help You With Your Workouts

    Ladies, we all know the overwhelming feeling of trying to live up to everybody else’s expectations. No matter how good we are, no matter how good we feel somebody, somewhere expects us to be more. Between a career, our kids and/or our spouse we barely make time to take...