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    Become a Physician Assistant in the Military

    The military needs medical and health professionals in order to provide services to soldiers and to offer medical services in countries where the U.S. military is posted. So, many physician assistants work in the military. Whether you choose to join the military after you’ve gone through your PA education...
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    What Types of ROTC Scholarships are There?

    Top performing high school students should be aware that the U.S. Military is a substantial source of college scholarships. The Army, Air Force, and Navy dedicate a billion dollars annually to providing financial aid to aspiring military officers. Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, or ROTC, officer candidates can receive financial...
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    Military Education Benefits FAQs

    Being in the military offers all sorts of discounts including education benefits that can help you through college. If you have a few questions, answering these frequently asked questions may help bring clarity to how to go to school for free. What is Tuition Assistance? Tuition Assistance is a...
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    5 Reasons to Enroll in an Online PhD Program

    Wondering whether to enroll in an online PhD program or a traditional in-person program? The decision at times can be daunting. PhD programs are meant to develop the essential skills of the students, especially those interested in career progression. Since PhD programs are primarily for mature learners, who have...
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    8 Online Degrees Worth Checking Out

    For most working class people, attending a college full time is rarely an option as they are extremely busy. This is because you have to work as you also try to finish a certain educational program. That’s why online educational programs are becoming much more popular as they offer...
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    Top 10 Accredited Online Universities

    The need for higher education is fast increasing. With this trend, universities, colleges, and schools are quickly adopting online study programs to meet this demand. While some of the causes are genuine, hence recognized by requisite regulatory bodies, a few people have fallen victims to quack institutions, jeopardizing their...
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    Top 5 Accredited Online Colleges

    Generally speaking, online education and online college degrees have evolved a great deal in the last decade. Especially considering, just several years ago, there were only a handful of colleges offering online degrees. Now, however, the number of online colleges and the number of applicants has both quadrupled. Every...
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    Online vs. On Campus: Which Type of Community College is Right for You?

    Online colleges used to have a bad reputation, but they’re recently becoming an increasingly popular and more accredited option. As a result, many college students are questioning whether they should enroll in an online community college or attend an on-campus school. Here are some things to consider before you...
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    Top 9 Accredited Online Universities

    When looking for a college or university to enroll in, it is always advisable to select a regionally accredited or nationally accredited university. Regional accreditation is a term used to refer to schools, colleges, and universities that are licensed by the six regional accreditors in America; whereas, national accreditation...
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