What You Need For a Super Bowl Watch Party

An important event is approaching, and us Americans need to be prepared. That event is, of course, the Super Bowl. If you’re someone who likes to host events on special occasions, you might be in the planning stages of a Super Bowl watch party. Good idea.

Super Bowl watch parties are a mashup of all things American: eating, drinking, and staring at a TV. Anything you do to best facilitate those three actions will make your party that much more enjoyable, so keep reading if you’re interested in having a great Super Bowl watch party.

Find the Perfect Environment

First off, you need a place to watch the game. The bigger the TV, the better. Same goes for couches. You’ve got to have room for all the guys. After you’ve taken care of the obvious stuff, food should be your primary concern. Pizza, wings, hamburgers, or anything that can be barbecued really—these are your best bets. A guy can get enough of these to keep his guests full without breaking his bank. But these are just the entrées if you will: appetizers and snacks are also a must. Chips and dips are the obvious choice here. Not only are these some of man’s best friends, they are also cheap and easy to prepare.

Buy the Right Supplies

Once you’ve gotten all the food—an ungodly amount so you’re properly prepared—you need a place to put it. Though some guys would have no problem eating everything with their hands, for cleanliness sake you’ll want to grab some plates and napkins. Disposable options work best for any sort of party, so grab some paper plates, plastic cutlery, and an amount of napkins proportional to the messiness of the food you intend to serve.

Don’t Forget Refreshments

So now you’ve got a TV and your food, you need one more thing to complete the American man’s holy trinity: drinks. This doesn’t necessarily have to be beer (depending on who you ask), so make sure to have some degree of variety: soda or water for those who drove or don’t drink. But who are we kidding? You’re going to want a lot of beer.

While you might have already cleared the fridge-space for this very reason, consider using a large cooler or several tubs with ice instead. During the Super Bowl, your guests are going to want to stay as close to the TV as they can—even during the commercials. Having drinks on hand is a good way to keep your guests happy and make sure none of you miss a great play or a funny ad.

So, the checklist should read as follows: TV. Food. Beer. Cooler. Couch. And, if time permits, plates and napkins. With guys as guests, it’s never a bad idea to overestimate, so grab as much as you can afford or ask your buddies to pitch in so you can grab even more. It’s go time, fellas.

Featured Image Source: Depositphotos/© scukrov

Posted on May 22, 2023