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What You Need To Work In Medical Billing And Coding


Medical billing and coding is a professional career where specialist processes treatment and insurance information on patients. Medical billers’ task is to ensure that each patient is correctly billed.

This is done through interacting with patients and their respective health insurance companies.  On the other hand, medical coders are tasked with evaluating and coding patient’s data. However, medical billers and coders need to possess certain traits to be effectively successful.

What you need to work in medical billing and coding are as follows:


Since the billers and coders will be dealing with patient’s information, it is essential that they are able to focus on smallest details when recording as well as coding patient’s information.

-Respect for Privacy

Specialist in medical billing and coding will have access to sensitive medical information. It is important not to share any of this information as this would be a breach of patients’ right to privacy which would land you into serious legal problem.

-Non-Aggressive Nature

Since specialist in this field will be interacting with a variety of people, it is important that you remain assertive such as when dealing with a hostile patient.

-Computer Skills

If you can type quickly and accurately, think technically and be proficient at learning new computer programs you will be successful at medical billing and coding. This is made more essential by the fact that a lot of health institutions are digitizing their records. So being able to comfortably and efficiently work with a computer will increase productivity.


Reliability in this field is essential since the people who depend on the information you handle want it accurate and timely.it is therefore important to be reliable so that the people you work with can rely on you.

-Knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology

Since you will be dealing with medical diagnosis it is necessary that you have a basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to understand the information submitted to you.


Medical billers and coders deals with a lot of information. It is your responsibility to record and store that information in a way that it can be accessed quickly. Organization reduces chances of loss or accidental destruction of records.

-Willingness to Learn

Medicine is an evolving profession. Showing the desire to learn new things as they emerge is an important trait since it means you will be at par with other people you work with such as doctors.

-Team Player

Ability to work with others effectively will be an important asset to have. Team work enhances productivity by minimizing errors made as teams try their best. Cooperation by team members means they provide constructive feedback which may be better than individual skills.

-Professional Attitude

Having a professional attitude at your place of work is necessary since it may determine your relationship with other workers, have an effect on your productivity and may break your overall achievements. It is therefore essential that you display professional attitude as this is how you will be perceived by others. If you can control your emotions under stressful circumstances then this a useful trait in medical billing and coding.

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