Top 10 College Grants For Women –

Top 10 College Grants For Women

Like men, women are entitled to aim high and succeed in life. Even in this modern setting, a lot of women still experience struggles in schools and workplaces due to the embedded notion of gender inequality in our society. To encourage women and empower them through education, several institutions offering funding for women have been established.

These organizations provide financial assistance for education as well as offer monetary support for women so they could stand on their feet and have a higher chance of success. Here are some of the top funding organizations that aim to strengthen women of the modern generation.

  1. Arcus Foundation

Arcus Foundation is established primarily to promote social justice and fight against discrimination through diplomacy. The foundation provides funding for women through, among others, Arcus Fund and Great Apes Fund.

  1. Association for Women in Mathematics

Recognizing the capability of women in the fields of science and mathematics, the Association for Women in Mathematics provides partial funding for women who are following their endeavors in these fields. The association believes that women can play an active role in the furtherance of science and mathematics.

  1. Altrusa International Foundation

Primarily designed to provide assistance to needy communities, Altrusa International Foundation has undertaken to offer financial assistance of up to $1,000 to women who provide the same assistance to the community. Altrusa has been providing community service since the year 1962.

  1. Canadian Women’s Foundation

Established to mainly fight for women’s rights and reduce violence all over the world, the Canadian Women’s Foundation provides funding for women. It is the only official organization for women in Canada.

  1. Avon Foundation

The Avon Foundation has been providing grants to women who are fighting against domestic violence and disseminating awareness on breast cancer all over the world. The foundation has been helping women in various aspects for over five decades now.

  1. American Association of University Women

One of the institutions mainly offering financial support in terms of education for women is the American Association of University Women. This association provides funding for women who are pursuing degrees in college. They also provide legal aid for women who are victims of gender discrimination.

  1. The Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation

The Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation empowers LGBT communities and provides funding for women who do the same. They have a worldwide range in fighting for social justice.

  1. Barbara Lee Family Foundation

Taking herself as an example, U.S Representative Barbara Lee has established the Barbara Lee Family Foundation to help women play an active role in public office by providing grants to help women enter into government service.

  1. Association for Women in Science Scholarships and Fellowships

The Association for Women in Science Scholarships and Fellowships offers scholarship grants to high school females who are planning to pursue further education in a scientific field. They offer an amount of up to $1000. The association has recently introduced the Kirsten R. Lorentzen Award which offers financial assistance to women sophomores and juniors who are completing the course of Physics or Geoscience in college.

  1. Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Grants for women who are working to boost self-image of other women in their local communities are available with Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.

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