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  • What-you-Need-to-Know-Before-Buying-Small-Business-Insurance

    What you Need to Know Before Buying Small Business Insurance

    If you have a small business, you need to know about small business insurance. Maybe you have purchased protection, maybe you haven’t yet. Although every type of business has different types of risks or needs, there are some common considerations. Before you buy, here are four things you should...
  • a-guide-to-buying-small-business-insurance-featured

    A Guide to Buying Small Business Insurance

    There are many risks involved in business that can make or break a company. Luckily, by finding the right business insurance, you can limit those risks and conduct operations as usual. Insurance protects your assets. Don’t fret, though! Purchasing business insurance is an easy process once you learn and...
  • there-are-3-types-of-business-insurance-whats-the-difference-between-them-featured

    There are 3 Types of Business Insurance: What’s the Difference Between Them?

    Although there are many types of business insurance policies, if you want to simplify them, they can be grouped into three categories: liability, property, and employee insurance. All three types are important ways that you can protect your business. Liability Perhaps the most important type of insurance for your...
  • you-need-to-ask-these-questions-before-buying-small-business-insurance-featured

    You Need to Ask These Questions Before Buying Small Business Insurance

    Buying business insurance can be a tricky maze to navigate for those of us without direct knowledge of the industry. However, having the right insurance is becoming increasingly important. Here, we consider the five questions you absolutely must ask your business insurance company before purchasing any insurance policy for...
  • What-Is-Business-Insurance-featured (Copy)

    What Is Business Insurance?

    Business insurance is a type of coverage that provides financial protection against unexpected events that could cost your company money. Most businesses are required to hold a basic insurance policy by law. Business insurance works just like a homeowners or auto insurance policy. Your potential business insurance company assesses...
  • business-insurance-featured

    Is Business Insurance Worth The Cost?

    Generally, business insurance is beneficial to both human and financial capital of the business. it is, therefore, imperative that all types of business have it. It is recommended for low tech and high tech businesses, as well as consumer and service oriented businesses. As a matter of fact, it...