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    5 Best Exercises For Women With Bladder Control Issues

    Having an overactive bladder is an embarrassing condition. Bladder control problems can cause issues like interruptions to your daily life and make you miss out on special moments that could be lasting memories. Overactive bladder can cause symptoms such as incontinence, the urge to urinate, or the inability to...
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    Why Do Women Suffer From PTSD More Than Men?

    According to a review of more than 25 years of research reported in the November issue of Psychological Bulletin (which is published by the APA, American Psychological Association), males normally experience more traumatic events on average as compared to the females yet females are likely to meet the diagnostic...
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    Top 10 College Grants For Women

    Like men, women are entitled to aim high and succeed in life. Even in this modern setting, a lot of women still experience struggles in schools and workplaces due to the embedded notion of gender inequality in our society. To encourage women and empower them through education, several institutions...