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What are the Dangers of Hybrid Cloud Computing

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    What Not To Use Cloud Computing Solutions For

    Just when you think the cloud computing is a safe place to put some of your personal stuff, you’d better think again. Yes, cloud based backup might seem like a smart and convenient solution if you want to access your things on another device, or at another location, or you’re running out...
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    5 Best Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions Compared

    With growing concerns about cost efficiency, security, direct access to information, disaster recovery, scalability, and flexibility, most organizations are looking into hybrid cloud storage solutions today, most of which have the potential to cater to these concerns. Hybrid cloud storage solutions have proven to be major contributors in satisfying...
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    Is Cloud Computing Changing IT Security Management?

    Almost half of North American web users say they have connected their personal devices to corporate networks. 60% of IT professionals also use cloud-based apps in their work. This is a huge number compared to 10 years ago. Considering the number is increasing in both home and work life,...
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    How Cloud Computing Can Improve your Business

    Cloud technology allows us to be more easily connected to our work, which might not sound like a good thing. But if you’re a small business owner, the increased accessibility that cloud technology gives you can be a great asset to you and your employees. Cloud storage makes it...
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    Why Small Businesses Need Hybrid Cloud Computing

    With the advent of cloud computing, there has been a push for businesses who want to be sleek and modern to join the cloud computing community. However, many businesses struggle to figure out how to join the cloud when they might have policies in place for security that prevent...
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    Top 5 Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

    When it comes to hybrid cloud storage solutions, you should not pick out just any hybrid cloud out there. You need to read the right information so you can make an informed decision. Since the marketplace offers a wide array of hybrid cloud storage solutions, some of us might...