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    8 Steps to Successful Retirement Planning

    You may not be thinking about it too much now, but good retirement planning starts now! In several years, you will begin a new chapter in the journey of life and it’s never too early to start thinking about it. While many people dread the thought of retirement as...
  • 10-ways-to-prepare-the-perfect-retirement-plan

    10 Ways To Prepare The Perfect Retirement Plan

    Establishing a perfect retirement plan should be everyone’s priority. This begins by understanding its essence. Retirement is inevitable. However, life must continue after retirement. Similarly, the value of life should not be demeaning after retirement. Last but not least, responsibilities will always be there after retirement. Therefore, planning for...
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    When Should You Start Saving For Your Retirement?

    After dilly-dallying with your retirement plans for many years, it soon dawns on you that you too are bound for retirement. Woe unto you because you never prepared for your retirement. It was other people who were retiring and not you – or so you thought. As the years flew...
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    How To Avoid Post-Retirement Depression

    When you retire, everything about your daily schedule will change. Your life may become more relaxed and move slowly. Retirement may benefit you because you will lose work related stress. Apart from benefiting you, retirement can also be harmful to your health. How? Studies have shown that most people...
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    How Much Income Will You Need For Your Retirement?

    Retirement shouldn’t be something that you leave until the last minute – it should be something that you start strategically planning as early as possible. Of course, that’s not always a priority for some. People begin preparing for retirement at all stages of life, and one of the most...
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    5 Best Cities You Can Retire In

    Moving after you’ve retired is a no-brainer, but you want to go somewhere new. Why stay within the United States when you could relocate to a foreign city and save money? When you’re living off of Social Security benefits and a retirement fund, you need to stretch your money,...