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    Avoid These Scams When Transferring Money

    Sending money across the United States and abroad is incredibly easy, especially with all the new technology. Unfortunately, criminals have come up with scams to get people to initiate wire transfers to tap into your bank account. Avoid falling victim to these scams by reading about some of the...
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    The 3 Best Apps for Transferring Money on your Smartphone

    We are heading towards a cashless society whereby we are using digital technology to move money and to purchase things without even opening our wallets and taking out psychical money. When online banking was first introduced, we had to sit at our computers either at the office or at...
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    Top 5 Companies for International Money Transfers Online

    Exchanging money with friend or family member is easy when they live near you, but if they’re traveling or live several hours away you may need to transfer money to their account. Every company handles transfers differently and it can be hard to pick which one to use, but...
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    5 Ways To Transfer Money With Your Smartphone

    We have seen massive growth in smartphone sales over the years, leaving people constantly glued to their screens on social media, playing mobile games, or listening to music. Smartphones have had their fair share of criticism, often being blamed for poor social abilities in real life, but we cannot...
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    Save on Overseas Money Transfers

    Traveling abroad can be expensive, and sometimes you need to send money to family and friends who are abroad. Thankfully, there are inexpensive, easy ways to transfer money anywhere in the world—keep in mind that the prices may vary based on your location and the amount you’re sending. The...
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    What’s the Best Way to Transfer Money: Online or Cash Pickup?

    Online transfers and cash pickups are the fastest ways to get money to someone without hassle, but choosing between these two methods can be tough. Here’s a breakdown of each to determine which is best for you. Fees In many cases, it costs to send funds to someone whether...