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    Types of Insulin Delivery

    A variety of insulin types can be used to treat control diabetes. These different types of insulin are in categories based on how quickly they begin working in addition to how long they stay active in the body. There are mainly five insulin delivery options: fast-acting insulin, short-acting insulin,...
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    Insulin Injections

    Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas to carry blood sugar to the cells to be utilized as an energy source.  When a person has type I diabetes, their pancreas cannot produce insulin at all, and when an individual has type II diabetes, their body is unable to...
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    Essential Facts About Insulin

    Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to allow for the use of glucose (blood sugar) by the body’s cells. People whose bodies cannot release or use insulin properly need to take insulin supplements to keep their blood sugar levels in check. Various types of insulin available are...
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    The Link Between Diabetes and Insulin

    Insulin has a significant role in the development and management of diabetes. Having a solid understanding of insulin’s part in diabetes can facilitate its prevention, treatment if you have already been diagnosed with the condition, and it can also make your doctor visits much more informative. Insulin’s Task in...
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    Understanding Insulin Resistance

    Insulin resistance (IR) is a condition that means a person’s body is ineffective in making proper use of insulin. Given the body cannot use the insulin produced efficiently on its own, individuals with insulin resistance need to be provided with additional insulin to a greater extent. Insulin resistance is...
  • What Is an Insulin Pump

    What Is an Insulin Pump?

    Even though diabetes is treatable, delivering numerous insulin injections every day can take it out of a patient. For this reason, an insulin pump can serve as a very effective administer instead of insulin injections. If you want to figure out whether an insulin pump is an ideal delivery...