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    Earache Causes in Adults

    Earaches are more common among young children than adults, but an earache can occur at any age. Earaches can be caused by injury, infection, irritation in the ear, or referred pain. Here is a look at some of the most common cause of earache in adults. Earwax An earwax...
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    Earaches: 10 Terms to Know

    Earaches are common and can affect all ages, although they are more common among young children. They are usually mild, but can sometimes be very painful and can occur in one or both ears. Here are 10 terms you should know to further your understanding of earaches. Otalgia Otalgia...
  • Ear-Infection-Causes

    Ear Infection Causes

    Ear infections are very common in infants and small children, and they can be very frustrating for parents when they seem to appear with no apparent cause. However, the cause of ear infections is usually quite simple, and has nothing to do with the environment your child is in....
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    5 Tips for Caring for Your Ear Gauges

    Ear gauges have quickly moved from being counter-cultural to being a mainstream fashion trend. However, this is one fad that requires a little extra effort on your part. Keeping your earlobes healthy with gauges is not a difficult task, but it is one that will require some diligence. Use...
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    5 Things You Should Not Be Doing To Your Ears

    Ear health is a critical part of your overall well being, and is often not discussed enough. This causes people to fail to acknowledge the detrimental effects of things they may be doing to their ears on a regular basis! Inserting Cotton Swabs You should not be doing to...
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    How Much Should You Pay For A Hearing Aid

    At certain points in our lives we may lose our hearing ability. It is in such times that we realize we need a hearing aid. A hearing aid is, as the name suggests, a little device that is often tucked inside our ears that helps us with hearing. This...