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    What Types of Nursing Degrees Are Available?

    There are many different types of nurses in the field of nursing. They can range from ER nurses to obstetrics and gynecology nurses. And just as there are different types of nurses, there are different types of nursing degrees. The level of education required varies from one degree to...
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    An Associate’s Degree in Nursing

    Nursing is a vitally important health care job. Nurses serve as one of the most effective means of providing health care to patients. In order to become a nurse, you must first get a degree in this field. An Associate’s Degree in Nursing is a two-year program that can...
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    Getting your RN Online

    With the advent of the internet taking over distance education as a whole, online nursing degrees are becoming more and more prevalent within the busy lives of all levels of nursing. Online nursing degrees are quickly gaining acceptance as the norm, as many regular class-based programs of well-recognized schools...
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    10 Reasons to Get Your Nursing Degree Online

    Do you want to become a nurse but wonder about the challenges of balancing on-campus studies with family and work? Well, a nursing degree online may be your best option. Online nursing degree courses didn’t exist in the early 1990’s, but more than 96% of colleges today offer online courses....
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    Can You Get Your Nursing Degree Online?

    The Internet has made it increasingly affordable and convenient to sign up for courses online as opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar classes, which can be more taxing in the long run- especially for individuals already employed. Online nursing courses are especially popular as a growing number of accredited institutions make...