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  • tourist or woman adventure with luggage in Singapore

    6 Best Reasons To Study Abroad

    In just one short month, I’ll be on my way to an adventure overseas through a study abroad program. I’m one of the lucky few who will be able to spend a full four months living, working, and studying in a foreign city and foreign country, and I’ll also...
  • Woman preparing dinner in a kitchen concept cooking, culinary, healthy lifestyle.

    Top Ways To Stay Healthy While Studying Abroad

    For most college students, studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you’ll be heading off to a foreign country sometime soon, you probably want your experience to be as perfect as possible. While many travelers spend lots of time planning excursions and making sure everything is in place, there’s...
  • 6-Things-You-Should-Keep-In-Touch-While-Studying-Abroad

    6 Ways You Can Stay In Touch While Studying Abroad

    There are several obstacles to keeping in touch with family and friends while you’re studying abroad, but there are ways to make communicating easier on everyone. Before you leave on a jet plane, calculate the time difference between your loved ones and where you will be. This will be...
  • 5-way-to-search-an-internship-while-studying-abroad

    5 Ways to Search For an Internship While Studying Abroad

    About a year ago, I was in the midst of trying to figure out if I wanted to study abroad: where I wanted to study abroad and how I was going to find a summer internship before I even began studying abroad. The pressure to pile up on internships...
  • places-to-stargaze

    6 Great Stargazing Places In The US

    There are many variables that can make a difference in a stargazer’s experience. Photographer Grant Kaye has learned the ropes and discovered the ideal places for stargazing across the United States. Kaye has spent many nights watching the stars as a professional landscape photographer, and the list below showcases...
  • 10-signs-of-a-possible-travel-scam-featured

    10 Signs of a Possible Travel Scam

    As with any major purchase, when things sound too good to be true, they might need a little more investigation. Many travel scams exists to lure potential customers in to spending money only to not live up to expectations. To protect yourself and your family, as well as your...
  • Tips For Flying With A Baby Don't Go On Vacation Without These-Featured-Image

    Tips For Flying With A Baby: Don’t Go On Vacation Without These

    If you are planning a flight with your infant, there are many things to consider before you board an airplane. There are many safety rules and regulations being put in place by the airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that you will have to consider. Not to mention...
  • How To Take The Best Vacation Photos On Your Smartphone-Featured-Image

    How To Take The Best Vacation Photos On Your Smartphone

    Taking great photos with your smartphone while you’re on vacation is easier than you think! Not a lot of people know how to take the best vacation photos with their smartphones. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone. We also all have a Facebook account where we post pictures of...
  • Which Are The Best Airports To Travel Through-Featured-Image

    Which Are The Best Airports To Travel Through?

    Perhaps you have always wondered about the best airports to travel through. Interestingly, there is a Reddit thread exactly about this that has become a topic of conversation and opened the eyes of many travelers. The thread is almost like a complete airport guide because it even includes discussions...
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