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    5 Things You Should Not Be Doing To Your Ears

    Ear health is a critical part of your overall well being, and is often not discussed enough. This causes people to fail to acknowledge the detrimental effects of things they may be doing to their ears on a regular basis! Inserting Cotton Swabs You should not be doing to...
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    How Much Should You Pay For A Hearing Aid

    At certain points in our lives we may lose our hearing ability. It is in such times that we realize we need a hearing aid. A hearing aid is, as the name suggests, a little device that is often tucked inside our ears that helps us with hearing. This...
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    Discussing an Eating Disorder with Your Family

    Admitting to your family that you’re struggling with an eating disorder is difficult, but opening up to your closest loved ones can make the recovery process much easier. If you’re unsure of how you should start this conversation with your relatives, use these suggestions to navigate through any potential difficulties....
  • nutrition

    Eating Disorders: Talking to a Nutritionist

    Eating disorders are difficult to combat because they incorporate psychological and physical roots. However, they are treatable with the proper guidance and determination. If you suffer from one of the three common types of eating disorder—anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating—and have decided to seek help on your own or as...

    A Parental Guide for Eating Disorders

    No parent wants to consider the possibility that his or her child has an eating disorder, but this dangerous condition is on the rise among young people, and it’s important that you know what to do if it strikes within your family. Thankfully, there are numerous effective treatments for...
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    Eating Disorder Treatment as an Inpatient Vs. an Outpatient

    In a culture that has become increasingly focused on unrealistic body standards, eating disorders such as bulimia, binge eating, and anorexia are more prevalent than ever before. In addition to having devastating physical effects, they also present many psychological and emotional challenges for both patients and their families. While...
  • Avoid-These-5-Bodybuilding-Supplements

    Avoid These 5 Bodybuilding Supplements

    Are you the kind of person who spends three hours in the gym every day and still can’t manage to get the bulging muscles you’re looking for? If so, there’s a good chance that you’ve considered using supplements to increase your progress. While there are some great products out...
  • Arm-Workouts-for-Main-Muscle-Groups

    Arm Workouts for Main Muscle Groups

    Whether you want to tone and define your arms to gain confidence in sleeveless tops or you are working to increase your overall muscle mass, you will need to work out all of the major muscle groups in your arms. It is important to balance your arm workouts to...
  • Fast-Ab-Workouts-for-Core-Strength

    Fast Ab Workouts for Core Strength

    Exercising your core is essential for having strong abdominal and back muscles. You need these muscles for everyday tasks, from lifting a child to carrying your groceries to maintaining good posture at your desk. While most people may think that dreaded crunches are the only way to exercise your abs,...
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